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Biotech Traits  12/21/18 8:32:55 AM

Seitec Genetics has full flexibility in delivering trait technology.  We have licenses with Bayer (formerly Monsanto traits), Corteva (formerly Dow), Syngenta, BASF (formerly Bayer trait and seed treatments), and others so we can focus on what's best for your farm. We identify the traits after the genetic number in each of our hybrid names so you can easily be clear on the genetics and the technology of the hybrid you are planting.  See page two of our product guide for a description of the corn traits.  

Regardless of the trait package used on specific soybean varieties, we take steps to bring our customers the highest yielding varieties with high quality and the best seed treatments to maximize performance.  To a very great extent, soybean varieties are protected through trait technology patents, variety patents, or both.  Seitec Genetics have licenses in place to deliver the best product options to your farm.

Benefit of New Soybean Seed

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